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Cork & Barrel is always running wine sales on amazing wines for every occasion. Reds, whites, rose, blushes, and everything in between can be found at our conveniently located neighborhood shop.

When you visit our store in Hamden, CT, you will be pleased with our selection of amazing wines. If for any reason you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, we can order your specific wine and will call you when it arrives, typically within three days or less. If the wine you request is no longer being produced, we will still make every effort to track down at least one bottle for you at no extra cost, and we have been quite successful in finding rare wines for many of our customers.

If you are unsure of which wine will go with dinner tonight, or which will make the perfect gift, just speak with our knowledgeable wine sales staff. We will provide expert recommendations based on the occasion, your tastes, and your budget. We are educated at suggesting the perfect pairing for all types of foods and all types of moods! Did you know the type of wine you give as a gift can say more than just the card you attach? Consult with our wine sales staff to make sure you give just the right sentiment.

For every holiday, every occasion, and every “just because,” choose Cork & Barrel as your go-to wine store in Hamden, CT for wine sales.

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